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   Shane   The Cats


I am '50ish' years old and I have two older brothers called Mark and John.

I have been married to Shane, see below, very happily for the last 32 years. We got married on new years eve so I have no excuse for forgetting our anniversary each year. We have two great children who we are proud of.

I have a bit of an unusuall hobby in that I enjoy making full size sci-fi props. I am currently building an 85% scale replica of Wall-E from the film of the same name. Ive already compled a full size B9 robot from the 1960 TV series 'Lost in Space', a fully remote control R2-D2 and two full-size Daleks. Any other spare time I spend between DIY, gardening and using the computer.

Me and my brothers

My brothers and me

Mark (left) John (middle) Me (right)

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I have decided to research my family history. The family names I am interested in are GARWOOD, POPE, CLIFT, SCOTT, ARMIGER, GERMENEY, SWANN and COOPER.
Please see my page for dates and locations.


Me in France

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Our Cats

It appears to be compulsory to have your cats on your web site these days so here are our two.

Jenga Evie
jenga.jpg (29868 bytes) evie.jpg (46567 bytes)
Jenga is a rescue cat, he is a Bengal Evie is also a rescue cat, she is a Bengal cross

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