My R2-D2 Droid

Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2


Well after building two Daleks I set about making another one of my boyhood desires come true, to own a working R2-D2 droid from the epic film series Star Wars. It took about a year and a half to make and assemble all the parts, but now I have finally completed him.

My droid is fully remote controlled, he is able to drive forward at a good pace, certainly faster than walking speed. The dome spins completly around at a speed of up to one revolution a second. The top utility arm is able to open and close via remote too. He has working lights on the dome and makes a whole range to 'R2' sounds including the whole 'Help me Obi Wan Kenobi' speech by Leia.

The dome and body are aluminium, the legs are plywood and the feet are fiberglass. He weighs in at 67.8Kg or about 150lbs. He is powered by two large 12v batteries that will allow hin to run about all day on a single charge.

Since building R2 I've gone on and completed a full size B9 from Lost in Space. I'm now starting on the loveable Wall-E from the Disey film of the same name


Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2
Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2 Adam's R2-D2



Meeting Kenny Baker

3rd Norwich Film and Sci-Fi Collectors Fair
Nov 1st 2009

This was his second public outing and we were lucky enough to meet the actor Kenny Baker, who was inside the real R2-D2 in the StarWars movies. Kenny complimented me on building R2 and he then very kindly signed the back of it, just under the main switches. I couldn't have hoped for more.

R2, me and Kenny Baker
Kenny signing R2 Kenny signing R2 Kenny signing R2
  Kenny Baker's signature on my droid  


London Expo - ExCel Center London
Oct 24th 2009

The first public outing for R2. I had a few small problems with the sounds being too quiet, but overall he was very well received and got loads of hugs from his fans.

R2 at Expo R2 meets a friend R2 send his griend off for a wash

They wanted to take R2 home with them

R2 with fans Alice and R2 This is not the droid you are looking for
R2 gets a hug R2 attracts the girlies Not too sure about getting a hug from this one Barney the Purple Dalek and R2


More event pictures, see how many stars pose with R2
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