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During Christmas 2000 I decided that I should like to trace my family history.

I am very lucky that I have many elderly relatives alive who are able to pass on the history. Having spent time pulling all this together and with the help of the Littleport Society I intend to expand this back further.

I have a lot of current history and have only placed here my grandparent's (in bold) and any information I have prior to them. I have a more information than I have listed here but to try to prevent it from becoming too confusing I have decided to only list the basic information.

I would love to hear from anyone who believes they may have a connection to any of the names that appear below or would like to swap any information, relevant or not. Even if you think the connection is only by marriage.

You can email me at

Please note that anything written in italics has not as yet been confirmed.

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John William GARWOOD, born 12/04/1906 died 06/1988, married Harriet Mary POPE 23/04/1932 in Hilgay church, Norfolk. They moved to Little Ouse in Cambridgeshire after they married.
John was the son of Joe GARWOOD and Rhoda GERMENEY who were married at St George's Church, Littleport, Cambridgeshire on 08/10/1904. Rhoda died when John was 6 months old. Joe remarried Katie SHIPP on 06/05/1911 again at St George's Church, Littleport. Joe and Katie went on to have a son, Bert and a daughter, Edie.
Joe would of been born around 1874. His father was John GARWOOD who was born in 1844. He was a farm bailiff from Littleport and had land in the Camel Road area of the village. John married Mary MARTIN on 21/11/1868 at St George's Church, Littleport,   In the British Census in 1881 John and Mary have children, Joseph aged 7 and Harry aged 1. John's birthplace is given as Bury St Edmunds, Mary's as Coveney, Isle of Ely, Joseph and Harry birthplace is given as Mildenhall, Suffolk.
John's  father was also John GARWOOD.

Sarah GARWOOD (aged 19) married George WOLLARD (aged 24) at St George's Church, Littleport on 17/03/1866. Bride's father was John GARWOOD. In the 1881 census Sarah's birthplace is Hardon, Suffolk.
Caroline GARWOOD (aged 20) married John NEAL (aged 21) at St George's Church, Littleport on 02/05/1863. Bride's father was John GARWOOD. In the 1881 census Caroline's birthplace is Hardingham, Suffolk.

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Rhoda GERMENEY was born in the parish of St John's, Little Ouse and baptised at St John's Church, Little Ouse on 1st December 1886. She married Joe GARWOOD on 08/10/1904. I believe she had a child that died before John William GARWOOD was born in 1906. She died aged 20 when John was only a few months old..
Rhoda was the daughter of James GERMENEY (born 1853) and Ann (nee HARLOCK, born 1855)  who seemed to have lived in the Littleport / Little Ouse area.
James and Ann were married at the St George's Parish Church in Littleport on 06/05/1876. James was baptised in the parish of Littleport on 11/06/1853. During the British Census in 1881 James and Ann have children, John H  aged 4, James W aged 3 and George aged 1.
James's parents were William (b 1804) and Rhoda (b1805) GERMENEY.
During the 1851 William and Rhoda were living in High Street, Littleport, William's birthplace was given as Gastrop, Norfolk and Rhoda's birthplace was given as Heveninghall, Norfolk. In the 1881 census, they were still living in Littleport but William's birthplace was given as Garboldsham, Norfolk and Rhoda's as Kenninghall, Norfolk. During the 1891 Rhoda  was living with her granddaughter, Rhoda  in the village of Littleport.

Germeney is often spelt as Germany, Germeny or even spelt with a J not G.

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Harriet Mary POPE born 27/05/1911, died 08/03/2001 married John William GARWOOD on 23/04/1932 at Hilgay Church, Norfolk.
Harriet was the daughter of William POPE and Emma Jane ARMIGER and was born in Hilgay, Norfolk. Harriet has many brothers and sisters, if you would like details of them please contact me.
William was born in 1879 in the Southery, Norfolk area, died aged 68 in 1946. He had brothers John, Robert and Joseph who I know very little about. Another brother James was born 1880, Southery, Norfolk area died 12/04/1918 in France. He was reported to have a wife, F G Pope and to be living in Heeley, Sheffield prior to the war.
William also a sister Hannah born 1883, Southery, Norfolk who married a parson and went to live in Canada / America. It is believed that they adopted a child ? COATES before they left.
William's parents were Jeremiah POPE and Mary DENT who were married in St Mary the Virgin Church, Welney, Norfolk on 08/07/1865. I think they moved from Welney to Southery / Hilgay in Norfolk within a year or two of their marriage.
Jeremiah had brothers Richard, Joseph (married Margaret MOWDEN 21/11/1863 in Welney Church) and John (married Eliza CURTIS 07/11/1891 in Welney Church).
Jeremiah had sisters Mary (married Thomas HOWE 11/10/1862 in Welney Church), Eliza (married Robert MARTIN 23/11/1867 in Welney Church) and Alice born 1850 but died before 1861.

I believe Jeremiah's parents to be John POPE b 1810 of Chatteris and Ann ? b 1811 of Thetford.

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Emma Jane ARMIGER b 12/06/1886 and died 11/07/1950. She married William POPE and then after his death in 1946 remarried a man named ROWELL.
Emma came from Burham Westgate in Norfolk. Emma's mother harvested Samphire (seaweed) which she then sold.

Emma's parents were George William ARMIGER bapt 12/11/1861 from Burnham Norton and Harriett SOFTLY b 1860  who were married in Burnham Westgate in Norfolk on 12/3/1881. They were living in Burnham Westgate during the 1881 and the 1891 census. Emma was the third of nine children.

George William ARMIGER was one of the ten children of Henry and Frances (nee RUMBLES) ARMIGER who were married on 31/10/1857 in Burnham Sutton.

Henry ARMIGER was the son of William ARMIGER from Great Walsingham and Frances RUMBLE was the daughter of John RUMBLES of Muckleton, a small hamlet south of Burnham Market.

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Walter Reginald CLIFT born 17/08/1915 and still living married Mabel SCOTT on 23/11/1938 at St Mary's Church, Welney. Norfolk.
Walter was the son of John William CLIFT and Alice COOPER who were married in Oct 1903. Walter has many brothers and sisters, if you would like details of them please contact me.
John William CLIFT born 16/06/1881 died ? in the Black Horse Drove area of Littleport, Cambridgeshire.
John had the following brothers and sisters.
Mary A b 1872 married George HARE on 26/10/1895.
Charlie  born 1893 died 26/12/1917 2nd Bn., Suffolk Regiment in France.
Matilda   b 1873 married ? KIDD.
Ria ( Maria ) married ? HARLEY
Eliza b 1876 married ? HART
Jim  married ? went on to have 4 children, one of whom is called Les CLIFT who lives in the village of Littleport.
Tabitha b 1879   married George BEDFORD who went on to have a son called Joe. Joe BEDFORD married Anise Lille OXBOROUGH. Lil, as she was known, was the sister of Albert OXBOROUGH who married Elizabeth SCOTT. Elizabeth was Mabel SCOTT's sister. (See SCOTT section.)

They were the children of John b 1840 and Ann b 1850 CLIFT. John's birthplace was Mildenhall, Suffolk and Ann's birthplace was Downham, Norfolk.

John was the son of John baptised 3/8/1806 and Maria  b1806 CLIFT from Mildenhall, Suffolk. He had 7 sisters. John CLIFT married Maria DOE on 13/10/1827 in Mildenhall, Suffolk. John was buried on 9/2/1852 in Mildenhall, Suffolk.  Maria CLIFT was buried 12/4/1849.

I believe John to be son of Jonathon and Mary CLIFT (nee GODFREY) who were married in Mildenhall, Suffolk abt 28/12/1783. Jonathon and Mary had 10 children, John being the youngest.

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Alice COOPER born 27/05/1885/87 died 1979 married John William CLIFT in 17th October 1903 at St John's Church, Little Ouse. They lived and worked for the Kerridges on Cave's Farm in Hale Fen.
Alice was the daughter of Charles and Ellen COOPER.
Alice had the following sisters.
Louisa who married ? BARBER.
Bertha who married ? BYE.
Lily whose first husband Albert THORNHILLl died in the 1st World War. She then remarried ? GREY and moved to March, Cambridgeshire.
Eliza b 1877 who married ? HODSON. 1881 census lists Eliza's birthplace as Bourne, Cambridge.
Jane b 1875 who died soon after she married. Name of husband is unknown. 1881 census lists Jane's birthplace as Longstow, Cambridge.

Charles b 1845 and Ellen b 1855 were from Arrington, Cambridge were living in the Little Ouse, Norfolk area by the 1881 census.

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Mabel SCOTT born 19/01/1916 and still living married Walter Reginald CLIFT on 23/11/1938 at St Mary's Church, Welney, Norfolk.
Mabel was the daughter of William Richer SCOTT born 07/04/1887 and died 31/10/1956 who was married to Florence Mary SWANN. Mabel has many brothers and sisters, if you would like details of them please contact me.
William had the following brother and sisters.
Sydney married Daisy KENT.
Charlie  married Elsie ?, Charlie was a sailor in the First World War. Moved to Prickwillow in Cambridgeshire.
Hannah who had an illegitimate son Billy SCOTTt. ( I have quite a good history to the present day along this line.)
Jack ( could also be George  ), Alfred and Bertrum I know very little about. There could be more children.

They all grew up in the Welney / 100 Foot Bank area of Norfolk. William was a shepherd on the Welney Wash.

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Florence Mary SWANN born  02/08/1885 and died 13/05/1968 married William Richer SCOTTt in 1908.
Florence had the following brothers and sisters.
Horace George  born 03/01/1887 married Lydia Fuller.
Ethel Elizabeth born 03/11/1888 married Fredrick Elmore.                   
Betha Adelaide born 21/08/1890 married Francis Etherington.
Emily Frances born 01/02/1892 married William KEMP. William's father was Stephen and Ruth KEMP (nee HARLEY).      
Leonard Charles  born 13/03/1894 died 01/05/1917 9th Bn., Norfolk Regiment in France.
Roger Harold  born 29/02/1896 died 05/03/1917 9th Bn., Norfolk Regiment in France.
Clarence Elijah  born 20/12/1898 married Lizzie Reeve.
Hilda Althea  born 1902 married Bernard Thurston.   
Herbert Oswald  born 19/02/1903 married Sylvia Taylor.
Arthur Cecil  born 1906 married Ada JAMES.  I remember Arthur vaguely when I was child.

All were the children of George and Jane Elizabeth (nee RUDLAND) SWANN who lived in Welney, Norfolk. George was born 22/09/1861, died 08/12/1948 and married Jane on 17/10/1884 in Welney Parish Church. Jane was born 06/06/1862 and died 11/05/1947. Jane had sisters called Mabel and Jessie. I have further information regarding the RUDLAND family.

With the help of the Littleport Society I have now managed to take the SWANN family back to a marriage of William SWANN b 1734 and Unity SHEARMAN b 1755. They lived in Burrough Green, Cambridgeshire.


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