Strawson Family History

I have been lucky to have been passed the following information on my part of the Strawson family tree. The line goes back to the late 16th centuary and most of the people in the line lived in Cannon Street in Little Downham, Cambridgeshire. Little Downham may be recorded as being in the Isle of Ely as this was incorporated into Cambridgeshire some years ago. Much of this information has been passed to me by the Littleport Society, who I am deeply grateful to.

My direct line through the Strawson name is below:

Thomas Strawson (born 1582?), married Mary Rash in 1601
    They had 7 children - Isabell, Edward, Margret, Margret, John, Margret, James

Edward Strawson (born before 1607), married Joan Bowles in 1632, 6 children)
    They had 6 children - Mary, Margret, Jane, Edward, Grace, Elizabeth

Edward Strawson (born before 1639), married Sarah ?
    They had 5 children - Edward, Richard, John, Thomas, Sarah

John Strawson (born 1674), married Ann Hills in 1702
    They had 4 children - Edward, Sarah, Mary, Edward

Edward Strawson (born before 1712), married Frances Leaford in 1735
    They had 7 children - John, Anne, Edward, James, John, Edward, Sarah

James Strawson (born 1743), married Sarah Reeve in 1768
    They had 10 children - John, Edward, Sarah, Francis, Sarah, Mary A, Male, Male, Male, Male

10th child (born 1788) , married
    They had 1 child - James

James Strawson (born 1810), married Sarah Gilbert in 1827
    They had 8 children - James, Rebecca, Edward, Rebecca, Fredrick, Alfred, Albert, Thomas

Albert Strawson (born before 1843), married Sarah Sallis in 1866, (this is 1st wife of three)
    They had 6 children - Sarah Rebecca, John Salis, Frederick William, Polly, Ellen (Nell), Bert

Frederick William Strawson (born 1878), married Susan Cross
    They had 5 children - Albert Edward, Edith Ellen, Ethel, Percy William, Ada

Albert Edward Strawson (born 1902), married Gwendolene Summerlee
    They had 2 children - Eric, Rex

Rex Strawson, married Greta Margret Bell in 1953
    They have 3 children - Simon Mark, John Neil, Adam James

Adam James Strawson (me), married Shane Marie Garwood 1983
    They have 2 children - Tymon James, Tamara Louise

If you are able to link into any of the above people I would love to hear from you and exchange information. You can reach me at


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